I am a 34 years old music and new techs enthusiast living in the east of France.

I am neither a professional musician, nor a programming specialist.

I have started to develop KordsKontrol project in 2012, while I was beginning to produce computer aided music, because I was kind of “frustrated” to have tons of marvelous virtual instrument installed on my computer, but not enough skills to play it live, which was very limiting in my song composition workflow :).

I then remembered when, back to secondary school years, while I was studying music theory, with more or less enthusiasm :), how complex and not intuitive it seemed to me to write consistent harmonies: there are so many rules you need to know to get it sound right!

Since I have a scientific background, I was persuaded that most of these rules could be managed with a few properly designed algorithms, to relieve the musician of calculating which notes should be played next, and let him concentrate on his creativity, without any risk of mistake.

I was already an happy user of the Korg PadKONTROL controller, and when I discovered its customization capacities trough the native mode, I decided to start to develop a code in Java. After many years, it became a pretty powerful software, and I decided to share it with the musicians community to get feedback on it, and, I hope, give you the same pleasure I have with it.