KordsKontrol light and sKalesKontrol light for the Roli Lightpad block

KordsKontrol Light and sKalesKontrol Light for the Roli Lightpad block

KordsKontrol Light and sKaleKontrol ligt are small littelfoot scripts for the Roli Lightpadblock.

It is a small side project.

KordsKontrol light is a very simplified version of KordsKontrol, while sKaleKontrol is a little isomorphic scale grid with bi-axis pitchbend

You can download it for free, and use it without any limitations

sKalesKontrol Light 1.0

KordsKontrol Light 1.1

Here are 2 videos to illustrate the functionalities of these little gadgets

Let’s first demonstrate the capacities of Roli Lightpad block running a simplified version of KordsKontrol  with Littlefoot scripts

On this second video, another Roli Lightpad block script: a polyphonic isomorphic scalable notes grid with quantizable bi axis pitchbend