How does it works?

KordsKontrol is an interface application that stands between your controller (MIDI controller or Tablet remote controller) and your destination instrument (virtual instrument or MIDI instrument)

KordsKontrol connections

KordsKontrol has been originally designed to work with Korg padKONTROL Midi studio controller. Then, it has been updated to be compatible with the Native Instruments 8*8 MASCHINE controllers serie. Adaptation of KordsKontrol with other MIDI controllers will probably be studied soon (see “Compatibility” page for further details).

KordKontrol is now also working with connected tablet running KordsKontrolRemote app. The iOS version is now finished, and an Android adaptation will follow soon.

KordsKontrol places the Korg controller in a native mode, where, on one hand, all the pads, buttons, knobs… send sysex messages, that are interpreted by the software. In the other hand, KordsKontrol pilots the LEDS and LCD display by sending back custom sysex messages to the controller.

For Native Instruments MASCHINE controllers, the principle is the same. The controllers are used in MIDI MODE, with a dedicated Controller Editor Template. Thus, they send MIDI Notes / CC messages that are interpreted by KordsKontrol, which send back to the controllers the MIDI Notes /CC messages required to manage their LEDS feedback.

The Connected devices are managed in the same way over the local network trought an UDP protocol.

In a nutshell, KordsKontrol manages the behaviour of the interface of your controller.

But the goal of the software is to help you to make music! So KordsKontrol is also a MIDI event generator; it sends MIDI notes ON, MIDI notes OFF, Sustain pedal, MIDI CC…. messages to any device with MIDI capabilities. It can be a virtual instrument, in your DAW (plugin) or standalone, or an external hardware device (a synth, an expander, …).

To play virtual instruments, you may have to install a virtual MIDI cable on your computer. A virtual MIDI cable, also called “loopback” cable, allows KordsKontrol Output MIDI messages to be seen as an Input by your destination application.

To play external hardware devices, you just have to direct KordsKontrol MIDI output to its MIDI input using a MIDI interface.