How does it works?

KordsKontrol is an interface application (software) that stands between your pad MIDI controller and your destination ‘electronic’ instrument (virtual instrument or MIDI instrument)

How it works

KordsKontrol is compatible with a large variety of widely used pad MIDI controllers. All these MIDI controllers have in common that, not only they are great controllers when used for their primary purpose (drum pad, DAW control surface….) but they have also  been gifted with the ability to be used as interfaces with Third-party applications, like KordsKontrol.

Concretely, the compatible controllers can all be placed temporary in User / Native / MIDI modes, where they can act as bi-directional interfaces (they inform KordsKontrol of user actions, and let KordsKontrol manage their visual feedback by lighting their pads or buttons LEDS)

Thus, KordsKontrol is seamlessly using these controllers as if their where dedicated hardware controllers developed for this specific application, like any equivalent hybrid solution existing on the market. Most of the compatible controller are , in fact, already hybrid controllers by nature (they interact with a software that sits on the computer, and only act as ‘remotes’). KordsKontrol is working similarly.

KordsKontrol software needs a computer (including barebone or Raspberry Pie) to work. The computer is running the application, and provide CPU and memory resources to the application, allowing for its complex algorithm to run virtually without any latency, and its large databases to be store in the volatile memory for a lightning speed access.

On purpose, KordsKontrol propose a very simplified user Interface on the computer (no Graphical User Interface). The main interface to interact with is the hardware controller.

Thus, you can concentrate on your music and use your controller as a ‘real’ physical instrument. You are playing with your controller, not using a computer software.

KordsKontrol is perfectly suited for headless setups (no screen) to keep you away from the computer.

But…enough talked about the controller interface.

After all, the goal of KordsKontrol is to help you to make music!

So it is also a ‘MIDI event generator’; it sends MIDI notes ON, MIDI notes OFF, Sustain pedal, MIDI CC…. messages to any connected device with MIDI capabilities. It can be a virtual instrument, in your DAW (plugin) or standalone, or an external hardware device (a synth, an expander, …).

Well…. but, what kind of music can you design and play with KordsKontrol?

KordsKontrol has been develop to bring the Music Harmony at your fingertips! I let you explore the 3 following pages (one for each main pages, or modes of KordsKontrol, to know more on what it can do for you!