Chords sketch page functionalities

KordsKontrol maps all the available 4 notes chords of all possible scales onto the 16 controller pads.

The usual  ‘triads’ chords are accessible for each scale degree with corresponding degree pad.

All the chords diatonic types (suspended, 7th chords, …) are accessible with combination of function pads thanks a comprehensive innovative mapping.

The pads are automatically lighted depending on the chords types available for a given degree, and vice-versa : no need to know music theory, your chords will always be perfectly in the scale!

But if you want to add more spice to your chords progressions, 2 scales are programmed with most common non-diatonic chords (V/V, Italian 6th, …).

All the chords variants (inversions, notes octaves) are available thanks to a vertical voicing construction respecting the 4 parts chorale style rules.

Depending on the previous chord played, each chord variant is selected automatically to respect as much as possible the 4 parts choral style horizontal voicing rules (no voices overlap, leading voice “jumps” limiting, no parallel 5th and octaves, including hidden  by similar motion). Get an immediate “classical” 4 parts arrangement by simply  playing I, IV and V degrees!

Chords Progression can be recorded into a database, stored as an external file (Full version only).