Arpeggios construction page functionalities

An Arpeggio doesn’t contain any note information: it only describes which note of the chord (bass, tenor, alto, soprano) will be played for a given step, and at which octave. You can play any Arpeggio on any chord, the Arpeggio notes will always be the right ones!

For each chord, Arpeggios notes are sorted in such a manner that when you move from one chord to the next one in the progression, the notes “jumps” are minimized, to get a nice and clean notes sequence.

Each step of an Arpeggio can comprise several notes (for example, the first step of an arpeggio can be a chord).

Each step of an Arpeggio can send up to 2 MIDI CC information, to control a synth filter cutoff, resonance, …

Each step of an Arpeggio can send fixed notes on a specific channel (drum channel), that will not depend on the chord. This is useful to control Drum instruments. These “Drum” notes are recorded with a fixed velocity during the Arpeggio construction.

Last but not least, each Arpeggio can control up to 8 MIDI channels simultaneously! Build a bass line, pad chords and a lead synth on a single Arpeggio!

Arpeggios can be recorded into a database, stored as an external file (Full version only).