KordsKontrol features

KordsKontrol is a computer software that acts as an interface between your MIDI controller and your Virtual instruments or Hardware instrument with MIDI capabilities.

It is a very powerful tool for Chords progression and Arpeggios construction!

Additionally, it comprises a virtual zero latency 16 MIDI channels performance mode for studio or live use based on powerful sequencers, and much more.

It takes care of the complex music theory and harmony rules to let you explore your ideas and express yourself unlike any other existing solution.

KordsKontrol software philosophy in a few words:

  • Simplicity of use, ergonomics, user oriented interface
  • Large compatibility with existing controllers
  • Cross platform solution
  • Accessibility to musicians and non-musicians
  • Powerful tool, with as much Music theory and harmony capabilities packed as possible
  • Play KordsKontrol with your controller like a new kind of instrument, not like a computer software
  • No Graphical Interface, your controller IS the interface

KordsKontrol is entirely coded in Java. Development started in 2012.

KordsKontrol is a total recall software: when you open it, you find it in the exact state you have left it (Full version only).

Some of its most important settings can be changed with the pad interface directly.

Its other settings can be adjusted trough a simple editable text file.

The Chords progressions and Arpeggios are saved in external files, that can be shared with the users community (Full version only).

KordsKontrol is a powerful software; many efforts have been made to make all its features accessible for non-musicians and computers allergic people, but be aware that its learning curve is a little steep, like equivalent complexity solutions in the market (standalone sequencers for example),  But, I guarantee that the efforts are worth it!

Its main features are explained in the following pages.

More about compatibility here