A first video showing some diatonic chords progression

On this second video, let’s record a simple chords progression, 2 Arpeggios, and check out how it sounds in the Performance page!

On this video, let’s use non diatonic chords function to add dominantization in our chords progression; then let’s build Arpeggios with Drums, and check Multi Arpeggios functionalities

On this video, let’s play some pre-recorded Arpeggios on several MIDI channels, on a 4 chords sequence, with the Maschine controller

On this video, let’s use several Performance layouts to play some Chords, scale notes & Arpeggios, and visualize them with MIDI Trail viewer

Playing a complex Black MIDI style Arpeggio on a 8 Chords progression, and visualizing it with Pianofall viewer

The development of IOS KordsKontrolRemote app is almost finished! Now, you can play KordsKontrol without any dedicated hardware pad controller, directly from your IPad… and wireless! šŸ™‚

Let’s demonstrate the capacities of Roli Lightpad block running a simplified version of KordsKontrolĀ  with Littlefoot scripts

Another Roli Lightpad block script: a polyphonic isomorphic scalable notes grid with quantizable bi axis pitchbend