Update history

KordsKontrol development has started back in 2012. I initially used a MIDI translation tool called BOME MIDI translator to play some static chords with my faithful Korg padKontrol drum pad; rapidly, I decided rapidly to move to  the development of Java standalone software, and started to design the beginning of the KordsKontrol Harmony Engine.

First release, and creation of this website was done in a second step in 2017.

A major update, leading to a completely redesigned version 2.0, was developed between December 2022 and April 2023.

2017-11-20 – Beta_1.0.0 – Initial build – Compatible with Korg padKontrol and NI Maschine controllers

2017-12-12 – Beta_1.1 (previously called 1.0.1) – Initial release – Windows only

2017-12-23 – Beta_1.2 (previously  called 1.0.2) – Added CoreMIDI4J library for Mac OS Java MIDI Sysex support

2018-06-10 – Beta_1.3 (previously called 1.0.3) – New release – Added Mac OS compatibility

2019-03-17 – Beta_1.4 –  Adding KordsKontrolRemote app support (with UDP protocol)

2022-12 – Started to work on the future 2.0 major update:

  • Compatibility with 64 pads layout
  • Addition of features exploiting the extended pad layout such as scales direct access, banks direct access, expanded Performance page….
  • Support of RGB pads and buttons
  • Several interface improvements for a better readiness and ease of use
  • Implementation, of the Auto Trigger feature, including internal and external clock support, multiple time signatures, a better polymeter rhythms management, velocity recording and humanization, note length per step, probability per note, etc…
  • Chords sequencing, with support of subsets of chords progressions within a given bank
  • A more flexible auto switch to next chord
  • Support of polyphonic aftertouch, velocity curves
  • A more flexible sustain management and auto Chord On management
  • A revised MIDI engine (more robust, more flexible)
  • A revamped presentation of scales (less scales available, but better organized, and selected for their musical properties)
  • Access to 8 users scale (that will benefit all the features of the Harmony Engine)
  • A major extension of the non-diatonic chords functionalities, including mapping on all the scales, and systematic altered chords exploration in the Harmony engine
  • The addition to the Harmony engine of a custom Altered scale optimization algorithm
  • Additional settings option
  • A dedicated setting page accessible from the interface
  • A simplified initial setup
  • A attempt to support hot swap of controllers
  • A lot of optimizations, improvements, a few bug fixes
  • Countless others improvements; there is not a single part of the original program that have not be revised, reworked, improved….

All these changes have been internally named 1.4, 1.5, 1.6

Putting the KordsKontrol remote solution on standby

2023-04-11 – Beta 2.0 almost ready for release