Support me – Licensing

KordsKontrol is at the moment still a beta software.

It is working perfectly well for me, with my computer and my controllers, but since it intends to be used on many different controllers, from different brands, and to be a multi-system software (Windows, MacOS, Linux), it still need to be tested and polished before releasing officially a commercial grade version. It has also to be rock solid to allow musician to use it in live on stage.

KordsKontrol team is basically 1 people (me), and I am not a professional software developer.

I develop it on on my spare time  – the spare time that your have when you have a full time job, a young  kid and an house to refurbish 🙂

I am offering free Windows PC,  Mac OS and Linux Debian beta Demo versions of KordsKontrol , with all the functionalities, except saving and recall that are disabled. The application will also shut down after 30 minutes, but you can run it again as many time as you wish. Demo versions are in fact full version of the software, but with some functionalities disabled if you don’t own a Full Commercial License key.

Thus, any one can test it and let me know how well it work, what needs to be improved…

The target would be to offer in the future a very affordable Full Commercial License (for about 50€) to unlock the features that are disabled in the Demo version.

Asking for a little contribution to get a Full Commercial License would support the development of the project:

  • Let me buy more controllers to ensure compatibility in detail, and adapt what needs to be adapted to have, for all the controller, a satisfactory user experience
  • Invest in Marketing, advertising to allow this project to have a better visibility
  • Consider partnership with software solutions providers to, for example, integrate in the installer the automatic generation of the Virtual MIDI ports needed in some cases
  • Work on KordsKontrol remote solution (see the related page for more details)
  • Finance the Website domain

KordsKontrol represents more than 20 000 lines of codes written during more than a cumulative 1000 hours of work over the past decade, mostly done late at night, with the obsession of delivering a stable, powerful, easy to use and musical tool for the musicians community. It features some unique capabilities, and I hope anyone will understand that I cannot provide completely for free if I want to be able to continue to support its development actively.

Anyone interested can already support KordsKontrol project in many ways.

Beta phase support program – Get a Full Commercial License to lifetime updates for free

I would be more than happy to offer for free Full Commercial License to current and all future versions of KordsKontrol to anyone that could support it during the present Beta phase:

  • By writing a review online (positive or negative, as far as honest and constructive)
  • By posting videos of your use case or compositions with it
  • By lending me (if you live in France) one of the controllers I dont’ own to let me check easily it it works as intended (see Compatibility page for more details)
  • For any kind of support (artwork, marketing, if you are a professional Java and MIDI software developer, distribution…)

If you want to purchase a license during the Beta phase, please contact me.

Full Commercial License will be provided in the form of a Commercial License Key personal nominative file that unlock the functionalities of the Demo version into a Full version

The personal license file generation system is already in place

You can also, if you wish, make a little donation (Paypal) to support the project.

A few words on intended commercial policy for KordsKontrol (after Beta phase)

Once the beta phase will be finished, The Commercial License Key will most probably be sold via a simple Paypal system. Once payment is received, you will be provided a personal nominative Full Commercial License key file.

Any purchase will be definitive; no reimbursement shall be provided because I don’t have the possibility to disactivate any license (I will not put in place any License server of any equivalent dynamic licensing solution) . In all cases, the Demo version will have to be installed and tested extensively first before any purchase.

This Full Commercial License key will grant you a personal, non-commercial, non-transferable, non-sublicensable, limited, and non-exclusive right to use the KordsKontrol software without the Demo limitations on several computers but on any one computer at any one time, for use by a single concurrent user, and solely provided that you adhere to all the terms and conditions of the application End User License Agreement (EULA).

KORDSKONTROL End User License Agreement

This License Key is strictly personal and non-transferable; it is prohibited to share this License Key with anyone.

If updated versions (2x) are released in the future (added minor functionalities, bug fixes, …), or if the application becomes compatible with others MIDI controllers, it will not be required to Purchase the License again.

In case of major upgrade in the future (version 3.x) , the access to the Free Demo version of the update will(and will alwyas) remain free, but it could be required to Purchase a new License Key to unlock its limitations if the upgrade is significant enough (equivalent to the update done between version 1 and 2). In any case, upgrade will be cheaper than Full license cost (maybe 20€ for a major upgrade). It is a policy used by most of software company today, and I might have to put this in place to finance the development of a potential future major 3.x update.

Licenses provided for free to early bird supports (Beta phase support program) will be unlimited in time (compatible with all future KordsKontrol updates, including major ones!)

If you are a company and want to use some of KordsKontrol features, contact me for potential licensing solutions.