What do I need to use KordsKontrol

KordsKontrol needs the following components:

  • A computer (running Windows, Mac OS or Linux Debian) to host the software
  • A compatible pad controller to use as interface with the software – KordsKontrol is a software solution, I do not sell any hardware. KordsKontrol is compatible with several MIDI pad controllers from Native Instrument, Novation, Ableton or Korg.
  • Instruments to play the notes generated by the software – KordsKontrol is an harmony generator, not a sound generator:
    • Virtual Instruments
      • One or several plug in hosted by your DAW,
      • Or, a Standalone Music software
      • A virtual loop back MIDI cable between KordsKontrol and your virtual instrument (either as Third-party or created directly within your OS is you are on Mac or Linux) in order to direct the MIDI from KordKontrol to your destination software without having to use any hardware MIDI interface
    • Or, MIDI hardware Instruments
      • One or several MIDI hardware Instruments such as synthesizers, expanders
      • An hardware MIDI interface if these instruments do not include one, to connect them to the computer hosting KordsKontrol software

KordsKontrol software comes free as Demo version with almost all the functionalities enabled, so if you already have a compatible controller, you can try it today!

More details on the compatibility page.