Q: Is it required to know Music theory to use KordsKontrol?

A: Not at all! KordsKontrol gives you the possibility to build and perform beautiful and complex chords progressions or arpeggios without any specific knowledge. Let the hassle of chords inversions, notes doubling, parts ranges, voicing rules, ….. complexity to the software, and concentrate on your creativity and feelings!

Q: Does playing KordKontrol require any skill or playing techniques?

A: Not especially. The chords are available directly by pressing the corresponding pads. The Arpeggios, once recorded, can be simply played by pressing repetitively the Pads, or automatically with the built-in sequencer. Arpeggios can also be played manually. Although it requires a little bit more practice, it gives even more expressiveness… and rewarding satisfaction to the user!

Q: Does the KordsKontrol generate any sound? 

A: No, the KordsKontrol only send MIDI messages, such as Note On, Note Off, … It “plays” instead of the user. The sound has to be generated by an external device, such as an hardware instrument with MIDI port, or any Virtual instrument installed on the computer (plugin or standalone)

Q: Is KordsKontrol suitable to Live performance?

A: Yes, completely! The chords variants database is generated during program startup. When user starts using the software, most of computations have been already done. The running algorithms that remains are very light, which guarantee a software reactivity “at the speed of light”, both towards controller feedback (LEDS and LCD management) and towards MIDI out. The only limitation you will have is related to the computing performance required by your virtual instrument to generate the sounds.

Q: Can the chords and arpeggios be saved?

A:  The Demo version will have some limitations to disable saving option. But the full version will comes with total recall functionalities, including saving the chords, the arpeggios and the user settings in external files.

Q: Is KordsKontrol compatible with my instruments?

A: KordsKontrol is compatible with any instrument with a MIDI port, both hardware or virtual (standalone or plugin).

Q: Does KordsKontrol require a compatible controller to work?

A:  Yes, KordsKontrol has no GUI (Graphical User Interface), the only way to control it is using a compatible controller. The compatible controllers have been chosen for several reasons: they are completely programmable thanks to their native mode / user / MIDI mode functionalities, and widespread. Additionally, the pads response to velocity is very sensitive, which gives great Live performance delicate shades capabilities.

Q: Is the modification of the controllers functionalities permanent?

A:  Of course not! KordsKontrol only changes temporary the behavior of the controller. As soon as the software is stopped, or the controller reset, it comes back to normal behaviour. KordsKontrol do not access the controllers firmware, do not modify them; instead it uses stock features that are offered by their manufacturers for an use with Third-party applications like KordsKontrol.

Q: Does KordsKontrol require to be connected permanently to a computer?

A: Yes, the computer needs to be connected to the controller at any time to use KordsKontrol. The application is running in the computer on a Virtual Java machine that cannot be installed on the controllers directly. The controllers firmwares cannot be flashed to add such functionality, and probably don’t have enough hardware capabilities (RAM, CPU, …) to support the application algorithms.

Nonetheless, for users that are looking for a transportable solution, as KordsKontrol doesn’t rely on any GUI anymore once initial setup is done, it is feasible to install it on a barebone computer like an Intel NUC, or even a Raspberry Pie, with the application launched at startup.

Q: Is there any Graphical User Interface (GUI) ? 

A:  No. All the application is piloted by the controller, that provides back a visual feedback by its LEDS / LCD screen (padKONTROL only); the configuration can be updated by a simple setting text file. Only the initial setup, that generate the initial settings file, rely on a (simple) GUI.

Q: Will KordKontrol be compatible with others hardware controllers?

A:  If I can find enough time to work on it 🙂

Q: Will a dedicated controller be developed?

A:  It is not planned for the moment, as I don’t have hardware development or production capability. But I am open to partnership proposals.

Q: Is KordsKontrol compatible with Mac OS?

Yes, finally! The Korg padKontrol controller interface management is using sysex messages, that are not working natively with Java on Mac OS due to a Java faulty implementation. But a solution has been found using an external library…

Q: Does KordsKontrol require additional software?

A: If you don’t have any external hardware instrument, KordsKontrol will require you to have a virtual instrument installed on your computer. Additionally, a virtual MIDI “loopback” cable may be required to direct the messages coming from KordsKontrol output to your instrument input. Visit the “How does it work?” page for further explanations.