2023 04 05 – I am working since last December on a major update of KordsKontrol, that shall be released soon as version 2.0.

This update is including:

  • Support for 64 pads layout controllers such as Novation Launchpads and Ableton Push 2
  • The new pads available VS standard 16 pads layout brings several interface improvement such as direct access to scales, chords banks, arpeggios steps and banks… such as extended layout in Performance page
  • Support for colors (both pads and buttons) for compatible controllers, leading to several interface improvements as far as accessibility is concerned
  • A brand new Auto Trigger function for Multi Arpeggios, with probability per note, note length per step, velocity humanization, multiple time signature, working with internal or external clock
  • Chords sequencing capabilities
  • Support of polyphonic aftertouch, velocity curves, management of sustain per channel
  • Many improvements of MIDI engine
  • A revised access to non -diatonic functions, extended to all the scales, with automatic altered chords mapping and custom altered scale generation algorithm
  • Re organized scales, access to 8 user scales
  • Many interface improvements, several bug fixes
  • Improved initial setup windows
  • and many more…….

The development and release of KordsKontrol Remote (iPad app) is on standby, I am focusing on 2.0 release,Ā  website update, user guide update and creation of several videos to illustrate new functionalities. It represents an immense work (several hundred of hours since last December, and a few more to come to finalize everything)

KordsKontrol 2.0 will be compatible with all NI Maschine controllers (except JAM), most of MKII and all of MKIII Novation Launchpads, Ableton Push 2 (and keep compatibility with Korg padKontrol)

I will need some help to ensure full compatibility with Push2 and some Maschine controllers that I don’t own; and more than happy to provide free licenses to already registered users and any one that could help me to troubleshoot and polish the release of this version 2.0.

I can already tell you; it is HUGE šŸ™‚

More as soon as I can šŸ™‚