Why developing KordsKontrol?

We have seen in the effervescent word of computer music a lot of very exiting products entering the market over the past few years.

Computer aided music creation is now accessible at affordable cost to any budding musician or producer.

Among the products that have been released, there are already some effective tools to assist the process of chords progression and harmony writing. But these tools are rather complex,  have no physical interfaces with real time playability, and are therefore not adapted to musician that are looking for an instantaneous rewarding experience, or that needs a tool for their Live performances.

Additionally,  a lot of powerful MIDI controllers have been developed. Ergonomics and responsiveness is key factor to ensure a great user experience, because musicians needs highly intuitive and reactive tools to let them express their emotions in their performances. Drums controllers are well represented on this market, but the musical functionalities of most of these solutions are fairly limited.

We can finally see a big tendency moving toward to hybrid highly integrated hardware / software solutions, where the software flexibility is enhanced by a physical dedicated hardware controller, that provides to the user a physical entry point and a direct visual feedback of his actions. But some of these solutions are pretty expensive, and limited in harmony capabilities also.

KordsKontrol have been developed in the spirit of this hybrid approach.

The first hardware chosen for this project, the Korg PadKONTROL, is a well-know, affordale, drum MIDI controller, acclaimed for its great pads responsiveness.

KordsKontrol has then been adapted to work with the famous Native Instruments 8*8 MASCHINE controllers.

With the additional software layer provided by KordsKontrol, these popular controllers become not only highly intuitive real-time composition tools, but also performance solutions for Studio or Live use, making it the ultimate musical companions.

Last but not least, KordsKontrol is now compatible with the free KordsKontrolRemote app, which transforms your connected tablet (Apple iPad only for the moment) into a remote wireless compatible controller.

Compatibility with other MIDI controllers and Android tablets will be studied very soon!