Performance page functionalities

The performance page allows you to enjoy the combination of recorded chords progressions, arpeggios notes, or notes in the scale.

In performance page, you can control 16 MIDI channels simultaneously.

The Pads rows have 6 different Functions, accessible with 12 Performance layouts.

Pads velocity is reflected when notes are played.

For a given chord bank, the chords can be selected by the pads, using browsing buttons, by an external footswitch (Korg padKONTROL only), or even automatically, at the end of the Arpeggios!

Several Arpeggios can be played in the same time.

Arpeggios notes can be played manually also, either with Pads or XY Pad (Korg padKONTROL only).

For a greater performance, the Pads can also be used to play notes in the scale on a specific MIDI channel, or on the same channel as Arpeggio notes.

The scale is automatically selected to match to the chord used for reference. The XY Pad (Korg padKONTROL only) then controls the pitch bend and the mod wheel.

Notes Off events are filtered to avoid shutting “off” notes with a Pad if still maintained “on” with another one.